Get fit after the holidays!

Holidays are over, it’s now time for good resolutions!
After summer leisure, it is time to start physical activity again! Of course, the objective is to keep your slimmed body as long as possible, but also to help you enter this period with more serenity: say goodbye to stress and bad mood…. This year will be Zen for sure!

You know that it’s easier to take a good resolution than actually sticking to it…

To increase your chances of sticking to it all year long, you first have to choose the sport that suits best your personality and availabilities.

  1. I am a sports addict but my working hours are totally incompatible with ma passion? I choose running, biking or swimming for instance, activities which are really less restrictive in terms of time.
  2. I love team sports and I am free to organize myself: horse-riding, tennis, soccer, rugby and indoor sports are for me.

Do not forget, some of us will do whatever it takes to succeed and some will find excuses… A word to the wise :-) .

Solutions are not lacking to start your sportive year with guaranteed pleasure!

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